WASHINGTON, DC – In a hastily arranged Rose Garden ceremony, US President Barrack Obama announced a break-through deal with the Republic of Ghana.  The President stood with witch doctor Nana Kwaku Bonsam, whose name translates as ‘Devil of Wednesday,’ while announcing the exchange of five US World Cup players for Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo’s […]


Book Review: “Into The Beautiful North” – Luis Alberto Urrea My book review of the excellent “Into the Beautiful North”, which is stylistically similar to my forthcoming novel, “ELOISA”, though it heads in the opposite direction of ELOISA’s southward journey: All the able-bodied men went North, to the USA, seeking work. Since none returned, narcos and […]

Book Review: “The President” by Miguel Angel Asturias A wonderful novel about a terrible topic, “The President” won the Nobel Prize in literature for Miguel Angel Asturias. A Latin American dictator rules through fear and arbitrariness. The most careful lackey can die on an enemy’s vicious rumor hitting the President’s ears. Whimsical decisions bring imprisonment, […]

Book Review: “Honor” by Elif Shafak It’s for a good reason that I’ve not blogged for a number of months.  Hold back your sneers, it’s not to spare you my banter, but because I’m editing my forthcoming novel, working title “The One and Only Eloisa.”  I’m quite excited because it’s going to make a fine paperweight… just kidding, […]

ELOISA TWEETING IN ENGLISH! Thrilling news!  Eloisa, the star of my forthcoming novel, “ELOISA”, has started an English language Twitter feed on her interests:  alcohol, music, alcohol, bashing other stars, alcohol, sex, and whatever else comes to her mind!  Be sure to follow the “Chica Rica” on Twitter @EloisaChicaRica! She just announced her US tour will begin Thursday […]

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PASADENA, CA:  Eighty-eight year-old Mildred Stone, grandmother of seven, posted two complaints this morning.  There was a sticky, disgusting substance on the Post Office counter where she had to sign a form to pick up the mail for her neighbor, off visiting relatives in Toledo.  Her second rant regarded the line at Dunkin Donuts: too […]

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John Gurney is a fiction writer who can write scenes about places he has never visited. In Part 1, John explained how he found the Museo Trotsky in Mexico City and used it as a scene in his novel. I believe there are no ‘minor’ scenes. Fiction stands on the temporary…

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Vacation!  Writing a novel is a great excuse for travel.  “Honey, we need to check out the beaches of Fiji for my book’s frolicking sex scene!” Those of limited means face a conundrum.  If sci-fi or fantasy is your genre, sip a strong Starbucks and travel via imagination.  But if your…

He knows everything, and I mean everything, about you—your drunk Instagram pics, how you falsely claim to hate One Direction, that is, if iTunes’ “What Makes You Beautiful” download records are accurate—and Steve Jobs would demand no less, which you’d know, since you bought the authorized biography from Amazon–, how you burnt 80% of your […]