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Land of Blago Conquers youTube with Squeezy The Pension Python

 When Rod Blagojevich was impeached, we lost a good friend.   A f-ing golden ally.  Stand-up comics lost a steady paycheck.   The Chicago dailies lost the last reason anyone bought their newsprint.  And the Democrats lost an election.  Ha, that last statement is impossible here in Illinois. Blago was replaced by Lt. Governor Pat Quinn.  Though he’s not […]

Eloisa (Chapter 15) Lucha Libre

Help! I intended the following to be a light, atmospheric vignette in Eloisa.  As sometimes happens, you start writing and the ideas flow.  I started Sunday afternoon, soon had a few pages and ended with a chapter by evening.  I really like this ending – I always cliff-hang chapters, if I can – but plenty of things can happen […]