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Uncle Julio’s ¡Fake Mexican Food!

“¿Could this be the most offensive fake restaurant logo?” you thought.  You wanted something different but you passed ugly sameness in the Chicago suburb of Lombard, Illinois.  As you drove down the six lanes of concrete Butterfield Road, you saw Burger King, Hooters, Wendys, Pot Belly, and McDonalds.  But you had a taste for cilantro […]

¡Fake Mexican Food! ¿What’s the Least Authentic You’ve Seen?

¡Fake Mexican Food!  ¡Audience participation requested!   ¿Can you beat “Doritos Locos Tacos”?  ¿Or is the combinacion plate of nasty Taco Bell beef and big brand hard-shell paired with the messed up Spanish adjective order bastante? “Something is lacking here,” said one customer at the Apodaca restaurant, Jonathan Elorriaga, 26. “Maybe the food shouldn’t come with french fries.” [1] So […]

Debate Drops Obama Chance of Winning to 99.3%

Debate Drops Obama Chance of Winning to 99.3% Five Thirty Nine blog – by Nate Silverado After a ho-hum performance in his first Presidential debate against Mitt Romney, the 539 model now puts President Obama’s likelihood of winning at 99.3%.  This precipitous 0.6% drop from last month was caused by declines in purple states Texas, where […]

¿Who Am I? ¿Why Am I Here?

Imagine a Vice Presidential candidate more clueless than an illegitimate child of Joe Biden and Sarah Palin.  You imagined James Stockdale, the good Admiral and running mate of independent Presidential candidate, the batty Ross Perot in 1992.  Stockdale did an admirable job holding up the chalkboard for Perot’s lectures but fell flat in the VP Debate when he started […]