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Land of Blago Conquers youTube with Squeezy The Pension Python

 When Rod Blagojevich was impeached, we lost a good friend.   A f-ing golden ally.  Stand-up comics lost a steady paycheck.   The Chicago dailies lost the last reason anyone bought their newsprint.  And the Democrats lost an election.  Ha, that last statement is impossible here in Illinois. Blago was replaced by Lt. Governor Pat Quinn.  Though he’s not […]

The Reality Show of Voting: You And Your 129 Close Relatives

Your 129 close relatives decided your vote.  No, it’s not a strange Univision reality TV show, after all, you lack fourteen barely-dressed, busty models.  We speak of the 2012 US Presidential Election. You see, you’re a middle class American and you were born in lovely Guadalajara, Mexico in 1975.  Your average family meant a close childhood for you and your six siblings.  […]

Eloisa (Chapter 15) Lucha Libre

Help! I intended the following to be a light, atmospheric vignette in Eloisa.  As sometimes happens, you start writing and the ideas flow.  I started Sunday afternoon, soon had a few pages and ended with a chapter by evening.  I really like this ending – I always cliff-hang chapters, if I can – but plenty of things can happen […]

Lucha Libre, Tacos not Wrestling

Lucha Libre is Mexican wrestling, similar to the American WWE variety but different because competitors (“luchadores”) wear colorful masks at all times.  Lucha Libre translates as “Free Fight.” Literally today, I wrote a Lucha Libre scene set in Mexico City for my forthcoming novel Eloisa.  ¡Imagine my joy finding there’s a Mexican restaurant in San Diego, USA called Lucha Libre Taco Shop!  It was featured on […]


¡Help write El Bloombito!  As an interactive exercise, I started typing two hours ago.  I have an idea where it’s going, but you, the reader, will help push the story on in “Mad Libs” style.  This of this as an “Improv” of writing.  Be fun!  Be crazy!  Be original!  Please read on. EL BLOOMBITO – CHAPTER ONE […]

¡El Bloombito No Habla Español!

I read and write Spanish mejor que I speak Español.  Long ago, I dated a lovely woman originally from Guadalajara, Mexico.  I tried to impress her with unas palabras.  Her contacts bothered her because she teared up from laughing so intensely.  I feared I’d take her to the hospital for chest pains. Thus, it’s a huge vote of […]

¡Say It Ain’t So, Rockford! ¿Taco Bell #1 Local “Mexican” Restaurant?

Things never die on the internet.  Just ask Rockford, Illinois.  A friend (h/t Alex) emailed me the above picture of a Taco Bell billboard in Rockford.  It was a real billboard but the picture is six years old.  It’s back in the news because a blog posted the pic. [1] Consulting the source, Kevin Haas […]