About John

John Gurney is dull, being a CPA with a bunch of degrees.  He holds a Master’s Degree in Something Boring with concentrations in Accounting and Something Sneaky Related To Wall Street from the University of Chicago, making him uniquely qualified to end reader insomnia.  There he crossed paths with at least one Nobel Prize-winning professor and believes he inadvertently smacked into a certain guest lecturer and future recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.  John’s undergraduate degree comes from the University of Illinois, home of horrific Big 10 football.

Looking to improve yourself or learn something useful?  Then avert your eyes!  This blog serves no serious purpose.  It is freer than the Onion and probably less funny, but some sort of search engine error landed you on this page, so why not read what the poor chap has to say?

John authored the forthcoming novels Details and Eloisa.


One comment

  1. Heather Hutchins · · Reply

    John neglected to mention that he’s a kick-butt fiction writer, as well. I ought to know.
    I’m loving reading the chunk of DETAILS that you sent, me, John.

    Good job!

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