Book Review: “Honor” by Elif Shafak

Book Review: “Honor” by Elif Shafak

It’s for a good reason that I’ve not blogged for a number of months.  Hold back your sneers, it’s not to spare you my banter, but because I’m editing my forthcoming novel, working title “The One and Only Eloisa.”  I’m quite excited because it’s going to make a fine paperweight… just kidding, I am very pleased with how it’s working out.  I trust you will, too.  I have several writers who are super kindly reviewing and providing fantastic comments.

I continue reading… it keeps me fresh.  In the meantime, I’ll keep you busy with some of the book reviews I post on GoodReads.  Here’s my latest, of “Honor”:

A surprise ending keeps Turkish author Elif Shafak’s fine novel about a shocking London “honor killing” gripping to its conclusion. A Turkish-Kurdish son murders his own mother, Pembe, over her emotional, but platonic, affair. In the archaic morality of the family’s native small-town Turkey, the fact Pembe’s husband had already left the family for another woman is irrelevant. Generations of the family are haunted by the horrible ramifications of punishing girls and women for allowing their “honor” to be violated.<br><br>Shafak writes vividly, with settings along the Euphrates River in Kurdish Turkey, London, and Dubai. You can almost taste the food in the many scenes set around cooking. She uses multiple POV’s, including jailhouse letters from Iskender, the murderous son, which explain his motive and state of mind, as well as the emotions and thinking of the other characters.<br><br>Adem met and fell in love with his wife’s twin sister, Jamila, in a small Kurdish town. Because the girl was feared, incorrectly, to have lost her virginity, Adem choose Pembe, instead. This inauspicious start results in a union and three children. The family emigrates to London, and seems to settle reasonably well in an expat Turkish community. Until, that is, the weak marriage collapses with Adem’s affair with a Russian dancer. 
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