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John Gurney is a fiction writer who can write scenes about places he has never visited. In Part 1, John explained how he found the Museo Trotsky in Mexico City and used it as a scene in his novel. I believe there are no ‘minor’ scenes. Fiction stands on the temporary…

Originally posted on heatherzhutchinswrites:
Vacation!  Writing a novel is a great excuse for travel.  “Honey, we need to check out the beaches of Fiji for my book’s frolicking sex scene!” Those of limited means face a conundrum.  If sci-fi or fantasy is your genre, sip a strong Starbucks and travel via imagination.  But if your…

He knows everything, and I mean everything, about you—your drunk Instagram pics, how you falsely claim to hate One Direction, that is, if iTunes’ “What Makes You Beautiful” download records are accurate—and Steve Jobs would demand no less, which you’d know, since you bought the authorized biography from Amazon–, how you burnt 80% of your […]

His smile, a simile of sincerity, exploded as the webcast cameras’ ‘on’ lights turned red. “Good evening, America, I’m Gus Garcia, Chief Washington Correspondent, CNN News. Welcome to Atlanta, Georgia, America’s third largest city, home of the Peachtree Center and tonight’s 2024 Presidential Debate.” His brown eyes, circles of wisdom, blinked under graying temples, whitish […]

Some yell Spanish is a mortal threat to these United States.  English is on the run, in their minds.  Let another migrant farm worker in from a Central American nation like Belize, oops, it’s English-speaking, make that one more Guatemalan lawnmower – and our culture will crash.  Tacos taking over for hamburgers in McDonalds Value Meals, Easter […]

I volunteer! There’s a controversy between comedian Jon Stewart and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman.  Hot-headed Krugman and the funny Daily Show host went back and forth about a proposed trillion-dollar coin minted from platinum. [1]  The US Government has a wee bit of trouble making ends meet these days.  One way of dealing with the Debt Ceiling issue, Krugman […]

Important cultural research continues.  I acquired my first ever Noche Buena beer.  Since it’s December 22, I’ll consider it in celebration of the Posadas, the processions memorializing Joseph and Mary looking for shelter, that take place in each of the nine days before Christmas in Mexico. Noche Buena, started in 1924, is a seasonal brew from Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma, S.A. de C.V. […]