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Some yell Spanish is a mortal threat to these United States.  English is on the run, in their minds.  Let another migrant farm worker in from a Central American nation like Belize, oops, it’s English-speaking, make that one more Guatemalan lawnmower – and our culture will crash.  Tacos taking over for hamburgers in McDonalds Value Meals, Easter […]

The Reality Show of Voting: You And Your 129 Close Relatives

Your 129 close relatives decided your vote.  No, it’s not a strange Univision reality TV show, after all, you lack fourteen barely-dressed, busty models.  We speak of the 2012 US Presidential Election. You see, you’re a middle class American and you were born in lovely Guadalajara, Mexico in 1975.  Your average family meant a close childhood for you and your six siblings.  […]