Guest Blogger John Gurney: Setting a Scene…Without Being There Part 2

This is part two of my guest blog over at!


Mexico_craftsJohn Gurney is a fiction writer who can write scenes about places he has never visited. In Part 1, John explained how he found the Museo Trotsky in Mexico City and used it as a scene in his novel.

I believe there are no ‘minor’ scenes. Fiction stands on the temporary suspension of disbelief. Provide an obvious mistake and you’ll jar readers to disbelief. Hint: agents are readers first. Assume readers will catch your shortcut.

Imagine yourself a sponge, soaking up every drop of knowledge. I snared my library’s Trotsky bio, dusty like a powdered sugar donut. Surely, I’m flagged in some sort of NSA-ideological database, but I do it all for you, the reader. Tempting government tracking even more, I found the improbable Museo Trotsky’s Wikipedia page. Wikipedia typically has links to other, more detailed sources. Most every organization hosts a website and Museo Trotsky is no exception…

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