¿Where In Mexico Can I Get An Authentic Choco Taco?

"Original" Choco Taco

“Original” Choco Taco

My grocer’s freezer now has mucha Mexicanidad

As a fan of Mexican cuisine, I was thrilled to come across the Choco Taco.  Or should it be Taco Choco?  Let’s ignore the grammarians for un momento.

At first sight, the choco taco confused me.  More authentic tacos come in soft tortillas, made of corn or flour.  Mass market “taco” products may come with a hard shell of dubious derivation.  Sitting there in subzero temperatures, the choco taco on the box shows a strange pattern.  Is that criss-cross made of maize?  Or is it some sort of whole wheat-based flour? 

I can’t figure out what’s inside the choco taco.  Is that brown stuff beef?  I guess the white stuff is some Americanized sour cream. 

Chocolate Choco Taco

Chocolate Choco Taco

One box was titled “Original” Choco Taco.  I’m all about authenticity, so I want to learn about the roots of this choco taco dish.  I wondered where in Mexico the original choco taco came from?  The hills of Yucatán?  The shores of Veracruz?  A village in Michoacán? 

What are the cultural origins?  The box lists dozens of ingredients but nada about its heritage.  Is this an ancient Mayan snack?  Does it come from the Toltecs?  I’d think the choco part can be traced to the Incas of the Andean mountains.

Did anyone famous eat the choco taco?  Did a peanut butter choco taco stain Juan Diego’s cloak?  Might Father Hidalgo have brandished an original choco taco, instead of a burning brand, when unleashing the revolucion in Jose Clemente Orozco’s famous mural?  Did Benito Juarez savor a choco before accepting the oath of the Mexican presidency?  Did Vicente Fox peddle them before he became El Presidente?

I imagine myself a cholo, walking a Mexico City tianguis, looking at the vendors’ stalls.  Many sell food, including drinks like horchata.  Hidden amongst the fake Michael Kors purses and pirated El Tigres del Norte compact discs, is that a freezer box filled with Peanut Butter Choco Tacos?


I’ll know the choco taco has truly arrived, however, when I’m stuck at a red light and the Chevy pick-up truck in front of me has a large choco taco painting on its tailgate.

This curious food product is located at: http://www.klondikebar.com/#Choco



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