Lucha Libre, Tacos not Wrestling

Lucha Libre is Mexican wrestling, similar to the American WWE variety but different because competitors (“luchadores”) wear colorful masks at all times.  Lucha Libre translates as “Free Fight.”

Literally today, I wrote a Lucha Libre scene set in Mexico City for my forthcoming novel Eloisa.  ¡Imagine my joy finding there’s a Mexican restaurant in San Diego, USA called Lucha Libre Taco Shop!  It was featured on the Travel Channel’s February 22, 2012 episode of Amazing Eats [1].

I may blog my Lucha Libre chapter here so introducing Lucha Libre is a nice segue.   Quoting from the Lucha Libre website:

Our taco shop isn’t the standard-issue Mexican restaurant, with serapes and sombreros on the wall. Everywhere you look, from the televisions running classic wrestling matches to the gold Champion’s Booth where you can sit only if you’ve made a reservation 24 hours in advance, you see the flamboyance and color of Lucha Libre. Check out the “Gold” bathroom, the “Anchorman TV” trash can, and if you come in wearing a Lucha mask, you’ll get the Luchador discount! [2]

With its website domain “Tacosmackdown”, how can you go wrong with the restuarant?  Have any of you tried it?  Okay, french fries are on the menu but so is horchata, an authentic Mexican rice-based drink.  As if I needed one, Lucha Libre Taco Shop is another excuse to visit San Diego!

Lucha Libre Gourmet Taco Shop was established on January 2008 in Mission Hills, San Diego. We are three brothers (Jose Luis, Maurilio, and Diego Rojano-Garcia), with mother “B” in the kitchen making the salsas) born in Mexico and raised in San Diego. We’re dedicated to doing business in a style and in a store whose decor represents the same vibrant, high spirits of its namesake wrestling tradition, while serving up fresh, delicious Mexican food.

Lucha Libre is located at 1810 Washington Street, two blocks from the Washington Street trolley shop and minutes from downtown, Little Italy, and Old Town. [2]



Pictures from Yahoo!Images.




  1. Surf & Turf burrito will KILL YOU! 😛 As in it’s good!

    1. Thanks Carrie for reading and posting! Lucha Libre Tacos will be a stop on my next San Diego visit!

      1. I have been living in San Diego my whole life of 35 years and only just started going there this last year!! I can’t believe I have missed out on it this long.

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