¿Who Am I? ¿Why Am I Here?

Imagine a Vice Presidential candidate more clueless than an illegitimate child of Joe Biden and Sarah Palin.  You imagined James Stockdale, the good Admiral and running mate of independent Presidential candidate, the batty Ross Perot in 1992.  Stockdale did an admirable job holding up the chalkboard for Perot’s lectures but fell flat in the VP Debate when he started by asking, “Who am I? Why am I here?”  Then and now, confused voters were unsure.

¿What Is My Blog About?  ¿Why Is It Here? 

To entertain and amuse.  I expect to tackle a wide variety of topics, ranging from Mexican food to love to political satire.  I promise I’ll shy away from accounting.   Does this blog offend you?  Sorry, but too bad.  If you’re an attorney representing some fancy politician who thinks I made fun of them, hint hint, I did.  And it’s called satire, fully protected by the First Amendment.

In my spare time, I enjoy writing.  I developed a nasty habit of making up lies about fake people, also known as novel-writing.  I plan to try a few concepts from my work here.  I hope to engage the one or two of you who visit this blog with give-and-take.  Please feel free to comment on most anything.  I promise to at least give you kudos when I steal your idea in one of my books.


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